Build game changing digital products, fast.

I help organisations solve problems in a matter of days with rapid innovation design workshops.

Validate big ideas
in a matter of days

We prototype & test products fast, to de-risk your innovation process. Don’t lose money building the wrong “hot new thing”.

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Talk to me.

Let’s chat and discuss your primary business needs.

Online or in-person Workshop

Together, we’ll build empathy for your users through collaborative design techniques & discuss how we might rapidly meet user needs. We’ll also define what ‘Success’ looks like.

Prototype & Test

After the workshop, we’ll build a prototype to show the proposed solution and new functionality in action. Now we can test the prototype with real users, make alterations or you may wish to pay for the prototype and exit.

UI Design

Once you’re happy with the prototype, we’ll clean up the UI to make it sing. At this point we’ll focus on content and micro interactions.

Build, Test & Deploy

We’ll build your solution on a staging environment to it can be sent to real users for testing. Here, we can further iterate based on customer feedback before deploying to the live environment.

Report & Iterate

Once your solution has been deployed, we’ll track your data and report against the definition of success. At this stage, you might choose you use these insights to build further improvements.

Recent Work



Moonfolk is a location-based business on the Sunshine Coast hosting in-person events. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Moonfolk needed to innovate rapidly. Choosing a design sprint was the best choice to yield results fast.

How I Helped

As a team, we created a new online product – The Star Dusted Woman – that aligns with the 2-year goal we decided on during the sprint. Each user during the user testing sessions validated the value of the newly created product.

The Result

Moonfolk was able to take away the design and documentation of a new online product which has been tested with users in the market. The documentation included all brainstorming and workshop material from the experts in the field.

The Pressure Project Design Sprint


Due to COVID-19 the Pressure Project needed to pivot quickly. Therefore, we combined all tools we have expertise in and decided to do a design sprint. Bringing stakeholders and experts of the field together for this week yields results faster than any usual product design process.

How I Helped

Together we created a 2-year goal for the business and a roadmap on how to achieve it. We designed and tested 3 iterations of a product campaign. User testing helped to design a final iteration which got deployed to development.

The Result

Rapid 4-day innovation process to align Pressure Project’s Vision for the future and confidently move forward. We launched 3 new campaigns resulting in 500% increased lead generation.