Design Sprint Campaign Launch Party

Design Sprint Case Studies:
2 Startups, 2 Sprints, 2 Weeks

As designers, it’s difficult to write case studies that show the thinking behind what we’re most proud of. Non Disclosure Agreements often prevent us from sharing our contribution, unless we have permission to disclose our role on the team. The process can take considerable effort, so the results often feel undercooked (to us anyway).

I was recently faced this problem when producing case-studies for Design Sprint Facilitation services. How might I show the work I do for global brands, without disclosing sensitive information? Answer: Deliver a couple of Design Sprints locally and document the journey. Fortunately, I was able to convince a fistful of brilliant entrepreneurs to join me for the ride. The results are in the following slides.

2 Design Sprints, in 2 weeks for two amazing Sunshine Coast based startups.

Check out the full case studies by following the links, or see the full story in the slides.