PlanDemic Censorship… Why?

I don’t know where I stand on the film ‘PlanDemic’, but I do know I’m pissed with the amount of censorship happening on social platforms. The other day I posted about the London Real / David Icke mess….

“Yes, I beleive David Icke’s a batshit-crazy psychopath, but that doesn’t mean I think he should be barred from YouTube and facebook… This will only fan the flames of his movement.

PlanDemic, however, seems to have more credibility than other films deleted from the internet in recent days, and as of now it’s been removed from Vimeo and youtube. I don’t see any good coming from this…

I’ve found a copy of the film, and I’m hosting it here so I can share it with a few folk and know it’ll be live. If anyone wants to burn me for it, feel free. Like I said, I don’t know where I stand on the film. This post is more about censorship.

Full credit to plandemicmovie.com.

So, in the spirit of balance… Here’s some stuff from another geeza claiming to be more credible…. Who to believe? I have NO IDEA, but google/fb won’t decide for me.

I should be clear that I am NOT jumping to any conclusions on the validity of Judy Mikovits claims. I’ve seen the numbers, and like everyone else I’ve done what I can to adjust.

My position is this: We all need to develop better skills for sense making in this suuuuper complex time. If you’re interested in skilling up in this area, I recommend you check out the following 3 part series, War on Sense Making.