Framing the big problems

Problem Framing as a process to identify opportunities to innovate. Recently I’ve been curious to know if this process could be used to identify opportunities for innovation outside of the usual business context? Opportunities to solve problems humanity might face in the wake of COVID19…

To find out, I’ve teamed up with a Behavioural Psychologist and Engineer to experiment with the Problem Framing Toolkit created by Jay Melone at New Haircut, a Design Innovation company based in New Jersey. For these experiments, we’ll be running a series of remote sessions via Zoom and Mural to test the process in a remote facilitation context. Topics will be published soon.

For now, we’re a small group of like-minded individuals united through COVID19 emergency response initiatives. If our initial sessions prove valuable, we’d like to include more people in the process.

Why? While working with a group called MobiliseAusCov19 to deliver masks, visors and PPE through open source networks, a few of us played with collaborative Design Thinking methods of planning for the future. Considering the implications of what was forecast for the future, we experimented with remote workshops for planning and brainstorming in a rapidly changing landscape. These workshops proved to be incredibly useful. As a result, we’ve discussed the use of Design Sprints to innovate in a post-cov19 world, and framing the BIG problems seems like a good place to start.

We’re working together over the coming week to familiarise ourselves with the process before announcing further plans. More information to come soon.